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​​​"When the camp started my kids started there and they loved it.They are one of the originals kids,they have made good friends along the way.Sharon and Lior are very  friendly and loving couple who are passionate about their camp and making the kids feel very comfortable. Both my girls love them and consider them family, it is the best camp out there and my girls are very happy there, one day they will become counsellors at the camp."

Ellie fighel

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"​This will be the fourth year sending our eldest son to Camp Eden Woods and our younger son's third year. Our kids stay for 4 weeks but our older son always wants to stay for longer! They come home full of stories about the friends they made, their attentive counsellors and the variety of fun activities at camp. Their favourite things to do at camp are the water activities and to eat chicken wings, spaghetti and sausages in the lodge. What a great experience for them!"

​Stephanie Rosenberg

co-ed overnight camp. Ages 7-16 Haliburton , Ontario 905-482-6464