Parent Package

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Camp Eden Woods overnight camp. Your child is about to participate in the experience of a lifetime!
Summer is fast approaching and the Camp Eden Woods team is preparing to provide your son/daughter with the best camping experience possible. This page is designed to give you all of the necessary information to prepare for your child’s stay at camp.

Life at camp is much different than that of home and can involve some transition. While the nature of the camp lifestyle is very busy with action packed days, the routines can be very different. Discussing camp with your child can help enable them to get the most out of everything camp has to offer.

The information provided here should let you know how to prepare, what to pack, and what’s coming up. We are planning dynamic and amazing programs from sports tournaments, to theme days,  waterfront activities, to the arts, performances, and more! We will do our best to make every moment fun.

We are looking forward to having your son/daughter join us for a memorable summer at Camp Eden Woods. Thank you for entrusting us with their care. We will do our best to provide “the experience that lasts a lifetime!”

Your camp team,

Sharon and Lior Gluzberg                                     

Owners and Directors                                           


Here are a few things you might do to keep your child’s anxiety low and anticipation high:
Read this information with your child and talk about all the activities and programs.
Talk about what it’s like living in a cabin with other kids and ways he/she might go about making new friends.
Talk about ways to solve problems at camp, i.e. talking with a counsellor or the camp director.
Have a friend sleep over and sleep in their sleeping bags.
Write a letter before your camper leaves for camp so it will be waiting at camp when he/she gets there.
Focus on the positive: all the new skills they’ll learn, and build confidence in the skills they already have.
Fill out the Camper Information Form and make sure to include all those little specific things you would like for us to know about your child…And don’t forget to send it back as soon as possible!!

Session 1: Sunday July 2nd – Sunday July 16th
Session 2: Sunday July 16th – Sunday July 30th
Session 3: Sunday July 30th – Sunday August 13th
Full summer: Sunday July 2nd – Sunday August 13th

Please take careful note of session and times, as they may differ from session to session to allow for smooth transitions.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before departure and arrival time.

Dufferin and Summeridge Plaza
8707 Dufferin St. Thornhill, Ont. L4J 0A6

Session 1:
Departure – Sunday July 2nd at 9:00am
Arrival – Sunday July 16th between 1:00 – 2:00pm

Session 2:
Departure – Sunday July 16th at 3:00 pm
Arrival – Sunday July 30th between 1:00 – 2:00pm

Session 3:
Departure – Sunday July 30th at 3:00pm
Arrival – Sunday August 13th between 1:00 – 2:00pm

After saying goodbye to your child at the Dufferin and Summeridge Plaza campers will be transported to Haliburton Highlands by highway coaches. You will receive notification when the buses have arrived. Upon arriving at Camp Eden Woods, campers will be introduced to their counsellors and cabin mates and will take a tour of the Eden Woods grounds. The first day of each session will be highlighted with an opening ceremony and cabin welcome parties where campers will get to know the rest of their cabin mates and start the fun and bonding.

Each camper will receive 2 “Tuck Bucks” at the beginning of each week.  This is virtual money that will allow campers to purchase snacks and games in our tuck shop at the end of the week. Campers will have opportunities to earn extra tuck money, through camp spirit, participation, and helping out.

The Kiosk is a booth that allows us to provide campers with products of necessity that they have either forgotten or ran out of.  Included in this list is: sunscreen, bug spray, shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, personal hygiene products, stamps, flashlights and batteries, and basic camping equipment they may need.  Before the session begins parents must consent to a charge of up to $50 to allow their child to order these products from the Kiosk.  The $50 will be used as credit that the camp will use to purchase these necessities that campers request. The credit card will only be charged after the session has ended.

Laundry will be provided once a week. Camp Eden Woods staff will wash camper’s laundry on designated cabin days no greater than a 7-day cycle. Please ensure that everything is labeled for easy sorting.  

7:30    Wake-up and wash-up
8:00     Flagpole
8:15    Breakfast
9:00    Cabin Clean-up
10:00    1st Period
11:00    2nd Period
12:00    Lunch
12:45    Rest Period
1:45    Beach/casual swim time
2:45    Snack
3:15    3rd Period
4:15    4th Period
5:15    Free choice activity
6:30    Dinner/ Friday Night “Family Dinner”
7:30     Evening Program
8:30    Cabin Time
9:30    Lights Out    

Keeping true to the independence of the camp experience, we ask that communication with your child during their camp stay is limited to written letter correspondence. For your convenience, we are offering an email address where parents from abroad, or ones that have difficulty writing handwritten letters, can email their child. These emails will be printed and delivered to the campers.  These letters will be delivered every other day, and campers will be asked to respond by hand written letter.  The email address is:
In the case of emergencies, your child can be reached through the camp phone number at (905) 482-6464. We will contact you immediately if any serious issues arise at camp concerning your child. Parents of first time campers will get a phone call by a staff member within the first 2-3 days of camp to update parents on their child’s progress. Any camper who has a birthday while at camp will get to speak with their family by phone.

You will be receiving an invitation to view our private Shutterfly photo gallery.  Please look out for an email invitation with access to this site.  If you do not receive this email before your child begins his/her camp session, please contact the office.  
With this photo gallery, you will be able to enjoy daily photos of your children.  Look out for all their smiles and happy faces!

This summer we will be updating families on our Camp Eden Woods private Instagram. Please follow us at campedenwoods to receive daily updates and highlights on what campers are doing at camp.

This summer there will be one Visitor’s Day, when parents will be able to visit the camp and spend the day with their child. This day is intended for campers who started camp on July 2nd ONLY.  On Saturday July 22nd, between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm you and your family are welcome to come and join us for a day of camp as your child enjoys it. You are also welcome to leave camp to spend time in the nearby towns of Bancroft or Haliburton. Please ensure that you sign out with a designated staff member and ensure that you return with your child by 4 pm.

*All meals will be nut-free and kosher style
*There will always be a substitute for campers with dietary restrictions such as: lactose free, gluten free, vegetarian, allergies and sensitivities.
*Please make sure to specify on the camper information form of any food restrictions, allergies, etc. and make sure to contact the office to discuss any other food or allergy related requirements.                

*Listed below are the options available on different days
*Served with Milk or Juice, Fresh Fruit and Cereal
Scrambled Eggs              Toast/Bagels            Yoghurt
Hard Boiled Eggs            Jams/Spreads          Oatmeal
Pancakes                         Waffles                      Danishes

*Served with a side, soup, fresh veggies, fresh fruit and a dessert
Grilled Cheese                         Fries                          Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Nuggets                     Potato Chips            Barley Soup
Macaroni and Cheese            Rice                           Veggie Soup
Spaghetti                                  Garlic Bread            Tomato Soup
Chicken Burger                                                          Sweet potato soup
Submarine Sandwich

*Served with a side, salad, fresh fruit and dessert
Lasagna                Mashed Potatoes        Green Beans
Chicken                 Baked Potatoes           Sweet Peas
Burgers                 Corn on the Cob         Garden Salad
Salmon                 Garlic Bread                 Greek Salad
Pizza                      Fries                              Caesar Salad
Turkey                  Sweet Potatoes            Grilled Veggies

When packing for camp, have your child help you in the process. This will make him/her more aware of what they are bringing to camp and where to find things. It will also make packing to go home easier. We suggest packing old clothes that your child will recognize; avoid packing anything of value.

Label all articles that your child brings to camp. Campers of all ages lose personal belongings, so make sure all items are marked in some way.

What NOT to Bring to Camp
Camp is a time to “unplug” from the busy lives and technology-filled world we are all used to. For that reason, please DO NOT send your child with any video games, cell phones, smart phones, i-pods, laptops, etc.  Anything of this sort will be confiscated from the camper upon arrival to camp


3 pairs of rough-wear long pants (jeans or similar)
6 pairs of shorts
10 T-shirts or light sports shirts
12 pairs of underwear and socks
4 long sleeved shirts or sweaters (fleece if possible)
Warm jacket
1 raincoat or rain suit*
1 pair of rubber boots*
1 pair of “summer” shoes (sandals, flip flops)
2 pairs of closed toe shoes (regular runners)
1 pair of water shoes*
2 hats*
2 bathing suits
2-4 pairs of pajamas

1 sleeping bag
1 pillow
2 pillowcases
2 single bed sheets
1 warm blanket
3 large towels
Comb and/or brush
Shampoo and Conditioner

2 Water bottles*
Insect Repellent*
Writing paper, envelopes and pen
Any medication that the camper may need throughout their session with us (please make sure to label the medication with name and instructions, as well as contact the office for any specific information we may need to know)
Extra stained or scrap clothing that you do not need  (t-shirts, scarves, sweatshirts, toques, gloves, etc.) for dying, cutting up and designing.
Laundry bag for storing dirty clothes and place a list of packed items in the camper’s bag for their return.
Camera and charger or batteries
Stuffed Animal or comfort object
Snacks **
Musical Instruments (Note: Camp Eden Woods will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to instruments brought from home)
Small knapsack or bag for short day trips

*These items are VERY important
**For sharing with their cabin on the first night of camp ONLY.  Must be strictly nut-free.  We will encourage healthy eating at camp but we recognize that some junk food is part of the experience. On the first night of each session, new campers who have brought up chips, chocolate, etc will be asked to share with their cabin at their “Welcome party.” After that, we will be taking away any food left over and providing snack options through “tuck” (see above).

(If you would like a pdf copy of the packing list or any other information, please email the office and let us know)

The experiences and friendships your child will make at Camp Eden Woods will last a lifetime. We are excited and honoured to share this special time with them.
Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s care. You have our commitment to do our very best in ensuring their health, safety, wellbeing and fun.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office at (905) 482-6464 or (905) 882-1679
We look forward to meeting your child this summer.

Sincerely and with Thanks,

Sharon and Lior Gluzberg