This year we are proud to offer our growing campers a unique program that will stay with them for life.

The out door adventure program is geared to introduce our campers to elements of camp life that they haven't encountered.  We aim to inspire them to reach beyond their expectation. 

This course is designed for students and campers interested in experiencing the out door in a positive manner as a tight nit group. 

This course will provide opportunities to apply skills and knowledge as they relate to a practical out door education experience. 

Educational elements of the course include:

team building

risk management 


trip planning

environmental awareness

Sustainable building 

First aid training

Life guarding courses

Algonquin Park portage

Group outings 


This year we are especially proud of our camp. We have become members of the Ontario Camping Association(OCA). The OCA has done a remarkable job of making Ontario Camps the best in the world. As part of this association we have the tools and standards to train our older campers to lead and become certified camp councillors. Here are a number of highlights for this amazing new program.

​Bronze Cross Training 

​Councillor training 

Program planning

​Field placement

Peer mentoring

​First Aid Training

Training and Certification in Water skiing, Wake Boarding and Sailing

​Program Planning and Event Coordination

Skill Building and Leadership Skills

​Sustainable Building

Algonquin Trip Challenge

Leaders In Training

Outdoor Adventure . High school credit program