Camp Wedding

It is a special joy for us to share our beautiful property with a couple on their special day. Why not have that special day, extend into a special weekend.  Make your wedding a unique experience that everyone will remember forever. 

Weddings tend to take months and months of planning and are done in, what feels like, a blink of an eye. Our facilities can accommodate up to 120 of your guests for the night or even two nights. This gives you, your families and friends more time to be together, enjoy and experience the beautiful countryside and celebrate with you.

Our rustic but comfortable cabins are newly renovated and have private modern washrooms with showers in each cabin.  There is a large dining hall that can seat 120 for meals.  There is a wide range of outdoor space options as well as recreational space and facilities.  Visit the facilities page for more details.

Our professional kitchen can accommodate a catering company of your choice, or you have the option of using our camp cook to feed your guests.

For more information call (905) 482-6464